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Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef at
Mon Sep 8 21:09:14 CEST 2008


I just got my freerunner 3 days ago and I already flashed it 4 or 5
times, after which I decided to stay with the latest Om2008.8. The
qtopia september release is nice, but when activating the speaker, it
emmits only a loud tone ... Also on qtopia I had the issue that every
received call also shows up as a missed call ...
Anyway, the latest Om2008.8 it is, the official stable one then (5
sept). After some tweaks, mailing list lookups and all, here are my
issues, with some of the answers I found.

- first of all: it is very weird to give a root image without a
terminal, since for an open wifi connection, the only thing to change
is /etc/resolv.conf. But since no terminal app is in place by default,
I had to configure the usb0 interface (and since I have a dlink router,
I'm in the 192.168.0 range, so that was a bit challenging ...). The
resolvconf wiki page mentions a solution which I hope gets integrated
in the next update.
- second, I have the echo and buzzing bug. It seems tweaking the
alsa state file eliminates the buzzing a bit, and I found on the list
that the echo problem has been tracked down
Hopefully that enters the stable release soon ...
- I also have the alarm-clock-not-waking-up-the-phone problem after it
has suspended. Not quite sure why though, but I tried it first and it
worked fine, but when I overslept the next day ... any tips/workarounds
are appreciated.
- qtopia-datebook also has the same issue: no alarm for meetings or

Now for the extra things I ran into:
- when I'm calling and I get a second call which I choose not to
answer, the info of the missing call pops up on screen, making it quite
difficult to stop the current call later on.
- the phone suspends even when connected to my pc. Yes, yes, I use
illume-config for the blank/suspending but I find it strange that the
phone goes into suspend when charging 
- a really weird one: all my contacts of the sim card are somewhere on
the phone, since I removed my sim card and I can still browse the
contacts and find all sim-card info. Does anybody know how to clear
this? It wouldn't bother me, but when receiving a call/sms I only want
my vcf-imported contact info to be shown, not the braindead info from
the sim. I did select the option to not show contacts from the sim in
the contact list, but that doesn't seem to influence the info shown for
receiving calls/sms and such.
- the screen blanks during a call. Nice, saves battery and such, but I
hope it doesn't suspend (haven't tried that one yet)?
- I installed qtopia-bluetooth, but that app doesn't work at all (I
click it, but nothing appears)

And a final thing on the side: can we configure the freerunner to use
mplayer for ringtones? It supports mp3 and stuff, so a song can just be
used as a ringtone, instead of making a 10-seconds wav out of a nice
mp3 song.

Any thoughts, feedback, discussion is much appreciated.

Franky, a freerunner owner who still needs to use his sony-ericsson
p900 because he doesn't want to wake up too late again :-)

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