BT keyboards with FR?

Tim Abell tim at
Mon Sep 8 22:41:47 CEST 2008

I've bought a freedom universal, and so far no dice connecting either to 
the phone or to an ubuntu pc :-(

no joy from their support either, looks like they are still stuck in the 
dark ages.

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    Hi Tim,

    Unfortunately the open source nature of Linux is the reason we can't
    provide technical support for it. While at the core it is all
    basically the same, the number of possible combination's of
    hardware/software setup for Linux based systems means that it is not
    possible to provide support. Once more devices start running Linux
    distros (which is starting to happen as you say) then it will become
    easier to support them.

    Looking at what you have on your site one possible silly thing to
    say is after you enter the passkey on your device enter it onto the
    keyboard and then press enter (also on the keyboard). The keyboard
    in HID mode has no set passkey and it is normally set at the same
    time as you pair it.

    Kind Regards,

    Paul Bowles
    Technical Manager

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If I don't get past this it's going in the bin / back to the reseller / 
on ebay. I haven't tried their suggestion yet as I've been away, and I 
am now busy upgrading my freerunner to the latest build.

hope that helps

Tim Abell


Ben Holt wrote:
>  I am considering buying a portable BT keyboard to go with my 
> FreeRunner and would appreciate hearing from anyone who is already 
> using a BT keyboard and can comment on how well it is working and what 
> keyboard you have.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated  :-).
> Many thanks,
> - Ben
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