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Nicolas LAURANCE nlaurance at
Tue Sep 9 09:51:36 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I managed to acces my SD Card (SanDisk SDSDQ-8192-E11M) using a slow 
5000000 clock.

My uboot version is 1.3.2-moko12
downloaded 9/6/2008 [1]_

.. [1]

but here is more question about u-boot_env

Of course during my pilgrimage I borked completely my environment and 
had to use devirginator
I connected to the uboot boot prompt via putty and copied/pasted what I 
I witnessed some strange chars on screen, I think my bork came for that 

Question 1
I see that devirginator can generate a new boot config
and then it's just a matter of loading it with dfu-utils
Does anyone have spec of the file?
 I'd rather have a small python script that can generate a conf from a 
text or xml file than edit with setenv
I understood (maybe wrongly ?) that it's a binary file that  requires to 
be of a certain size, include a CRC32 checksum ....
Couldn't find more info on this list or the wiki

Question 2
When I had errors, the screens almost flashes on the error. I hadn't 
enough time to read it.
Is there a way to slow this ?

best regards
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