new user issues

Dale Maggee antisol at
Tue Sep 9 15:46:09 CEST 2008

arne anka wrote:
>> this I knew, but Russell mentions changing the ringtone *format*, not
>> just the tone. I've not seen anything about this.
> sorry, must have missed that.
> re format i remember somebody posting a patch for python, that enabled  
> something. and i think, it was for 2007.2 (since i skip most other  
> distributions) -- but it was a while ago and not "pulse" related.
> you should look for "sid" or "ogg", maybe ...
tried various searches: "sid", "ogg", "python ring", and others which I 
can't remember. Nothing promising that I didn't already know...

I'd be really appreciative if you could dig up any more info on this, 
especially sids! I'm hanging out to see what FSO milestone 3 is like, 
mainly because it supports sid ringtones! ;)

thanks for the tips, anyway

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