Thanks to everybody at OpenMoko and all the contributers

Juergen Schinker ba1020 at
Tue Sep 9 19:04:56 CEST 2008


i searched this Mailinglist for the word "thanks" in the Subject and i 
couldn't find one so  ....

I want to thank everyone from Openmoko and all other devs who contribute 
to this outstanding project

the combination of Open Source and Open Hardware is just brilliant.

My Thanks go to Sean Moss-Pultz
		Harald Welte
		Michael Lauer
		Holger Freyther
		Joseph Reeves
		Thomas Wood
		Andy Allen for
		Marcus Bauer for tangoGPS
		Andy "ScaredyCat" Powell
		Chris Ball
		Guillaume Chereau
		Marcin "hrw" Juszkiewicz
		Paul V. Borza
		Valério Valério

		and all the other i probably forgot

I enjoy my Freerunner everyday and can't wait for all the great appl. to 
come (even when i don't use it as a phone yet)



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