FDOM (FAT and Dirty Openmoko) Distribution ready to download

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Tue Sep 9 19:09:49 CEST 2008

> p.s. looks interesting - installing now!

after a long hiatus away from the freerunner hacking for a month or so  
(hey, so i got an iphone, sue me!) i am very glad to see that there  
are folks now sharing booting images!  this is gotta be good for  
freerunner now, which btw i -have- been using as a main cell phone a  
bit more recently as well too (iphone calls are expensive), so there  
is trepidation about taking my - Working Freerunner - and putting some  
random image on it!

but, thats what its for, so .. here goes!! me too :)

Jay Vaughan

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