Stylus Ink Replacement Cartridge?

Joel Newkirk freerunner at
Tue Sep 9 21:07:58 CEST 2008

On Sat, 6 Sep 2008 21:13:15 -0400, "Charles Pax" <charles.pax at>
> Does anyone know how to replace the ink cartridge in the stylus that
> with the Freerunner? It seems like I can just pull it out, but I don't
> want
> to break it. Also, does anyone have a Staples of OfficeMax item number
> a
> good replacement cartridge? Thanks.
> -Charles

I picked up a refill at Staples for $1.99, a fine-point black Fisher
Universal pressurized refill for 'multi-action pens', Staples item code
521860, works great.  Fisher's model is #SU4F, UPC 7-47609-17141-9.  It was
kinda depressing how quickly the included ink runs out, I probably wrote a
total of 1/2 page with it before needing this refill.

They had another that should fit, medium point Staedtler 'multi-action' pen
refills, staples item code 396404, but that one is a three-pack of
black+blue+red for $3.29.  The three-pack didn't seem like a great idea for
the stylus (I'm sure it's intended for the 'select-a-color' style pens) - I
can't imagine stopping to swap them out when I wanted red instead of black,
or whatever, and I wouldn't want my stylus pen to always write red.  (or
blue for that matter - finepoint black is IT for me ;)


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