FR with different WLAN modes

Katrin Tomanek katrin.tomanek at
Tue Sep 9 22:01:52 CEST 2008

I had been posting before on the wifi issue.
After I had problems with connecting to my WPA-secured WLAN, I managed
easily (with the description as can be found in the wiki) to connect to a
WPA2-secured WLAN.

Then, I set my AP to WEP and authentication with wpa_supplicant worked --
once! When I ran the wpa_supplicant again I had the same problems as with
WPA -- I got a "authentication timed out" error message (after rebooting:
worked once, then not).

So, to summarize, whereas authentication with wpa_supplicant and WPA2 seems
to work fairly well, there seem to be problems with WPA and WEP. Did anybody
observe similar behavior? Does anybody have an explanation?

I'd really love to see my FR being able to connect to wifi easily...

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