Glad to see Gentoo-openmoko distro

zuber at zuber at
Wed Sep 10 10:13:27 CEST 2008

> No loss of USE - see the Gentoo Embedded Handbook, in particular this
> page:

Interesting, need to read that :-)

> You can do,  but the bottleneck will then be linking which will happen
> entirely on the phone. This can also be somewhat memory intensive, a
> problem
> on a memory-constrained device like this.

You are right, this is a big problem. There is also the automake stuff
which is also a bottleneck (i have not tried the caching feature for the
autotools). Now i also think that the only option is to build the stuff on
the desktop machine. I have to read the handbook now.

I Love OpenMoko-Gentoo => O.M.G!!!!!


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