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Jean-Eric Cuendet ml.jecuendet at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 12:00:43 CEST 2008

Hi Rod,
Thanks for your remarks and suggestions.
This is a WIP of 2 days now....
So of course, everything is to be discussed and cleaned-up.

In fact, what I would like to provide, is a way to make packaging easier for
everyone who would like to package apps for OM.
I'm thinking of rotate, accelges, numptyphysics, duke, ...
There are packages available, but they are spread everywhere, not
maintained, etc...

If you say that adding packages to OE directly is easy, that's all we need
in fact.
So, please, give me a pointer of how to begin, where the feeds are, etc...
I'll try to package rotate first.


2008/9/10 Rod Whitby <rod at whitby.id.au>

Jean-Eric Cuendet wrote:
> > I have a dedicated server (P4 3.2 GHz) connected directly to Internet.
> > This is a proposition for those that would like a system to
> > automatically build IPKG for Openmoko.
> > I can give them access to it (or put their scripts) to auto build
> > packages for Openmoko.
> >
> > I need help:
> > 1) To create scripts that buld packages (First candidates: duke,
> > numptyphysics, inotify-utils, maps for Navit or others, ...)
> > 2) To create a repository for thise packages (or use Multiverse?)
> >
> > Thanks to voice if you are interested.
> I applaud your intention to help the community with a resource like this,
> but I caution you to make sure you have the following bases covered before
> you go too much further:
> 1) Access to source files and build scripts alongside the binary packages
> 2) Complete transparency on how to the packages are built from the source
> 3) Do not underestimate the amount of traffic such a feed can cause on your
> internet connection.
> 4) Making sure all license conditions are fully complied with
> 5) How does the community trust the people submitting these packages, and
> how do those people trust each other that some rogue element cannot join
> under false pretences and corrupt the feeds?
> 6) How is this different from the Community Multiverse that openmoko runs?
> Why do you need to start a new one?
> I run the nslu2-linux.org project, which has over 40GB of files in public
> feeds, with over 1 million downloads per month.  I recommend make sure all
> these issues are covered before you open yourself up to potential issues
> down the track.
> I also run the shr.bearstech.com feed for fso/shr.
> Again, I applaud your intention to help the community, but please be
> careful
> if you have not done this type of thing before.
> -- Rod
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