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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Tue, Sep 09, 2008 at 03:38:41PM +0800, Andy Green wrote: Somebody
| in the thread at some point said: | I wanted to build a kernel to get
| some drivers as modules instead of built-in. I followed | |
| | + BRANCH='(no'
| There doesn't seem to be an active branch in git?  Try making one
| active.
|> OK. That worked. I've built the kernel with no errors. Now how do I
|> build the modules? I would have to copy these to the freerunner
|> before flashing the new kernel, from what I understand.

The modules are all built already as part of the process, but you need
to meddle around with make modules_install to get them marshalled
somewhere and scp them across.  Or tar them and pipe them into untar via
ssh or somesuch.

If you use the defconfig-2.6.24 .config then all the critical drivers
for normal use (ethernet over USB, bt, sound, etc) are already in the
monolithic kernel.  Using the build script means you won't get old
modules from another kernel confused with modules usable on this kernel
either because the /lib/modules path is unique by git head hash.  So you
can typically run a rootfs just with the monolithic kernel from that
build even DFU'd in.

If you routinely want the full module set, you can build using OE recipe
to make OE package... but don't ask me how to do it :-)

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