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Harald Koenig koenig at
Wed Sep 10 17:24:29 CEST 2008

On Sep 10, Atilla Filiz wrote:

> Have you found any cheap cables/adapters to connect normal usb peripherals
> to the usb OTG port? A keyboard will be extremely useful at home.

I have't tried yet, but my favourite right now is the "USB ABU-ABU" adapter here
(it has two A-style female sockets) and just use two normal "A-male to mini-male" USB cables
to connect to an external hub (or just the FR usb cable plus this adapter directly to 
the keyboard cable):;ACTION=3;LA=2;GROUP=C6991;GROUPID=15;ARTICLE=30245;START=0;SORT=artnr;OFFSET=1000;SID=28Dm41XqwQARwAAGZVYnwd24b489eabff9380f64d959561891350

unfortuneately the image does not show that specific type of adapter,
but A-female to A-female plus normal cable IMHO should be the way to go!?!

or do we need one X (cross) cable to be used with such an adapter ?!

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