Customized layout for illume keyboard

Thomas B. tommy.b at
Wed Sep 10 18:21:50 CEST 2008


I customized the layout of the illume "Numbers" keyboard a bit, and
thought I'd share the result with the community.

I love the illume keyboard, the only minor annoyance was that the keys
in the "Numbers" layout were pretty small, so I had to fumble quite a
bit when entering my PIN without a stylus.

Also, I desperately needed an F5 key to be able to bring up the menu in
ScummVM ;-)

So, I basically split up the "Numbers" layout into two layouts: One
contains only the numbers, allowing for more space for each key and thus
improving finger-friendliness. The other one, called "Symbols", is
basically the original "Numbers" layout, but with a row of F-keys
(including F5! :-)) instead of the numbers.

I have attached my layouts: Extract the tarball in ~/.e/e (which will
create a subdirectory "keyboards"), "killall -HUP enlightenment" and


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