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Wed Sep 10 19:23:48 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> Any recent OM kernel package should have this already.  I don't
|> know what the deal is with Debian and which config they use.  The
|> ones that OM use to generate the packages are defconfig-gta01 and
|> defconfig-gta02, these are set to cook modules for g_ether and the
|> other gadgets.
| I'm not sure this is the case.
| I am using the latest fso-unstable images from

Well I did say "OM kernel package".

| I'm sshing over the usb networking connection and lsmod gives me
| nothing. Shouldn't the usb networking module show up in lsmod if it
| is compiled as a module?

Yes, it's a pretty good test.

| Should I file a bug for this at Is this an
| oversight or did they intend to build their kernel/rootfs this way?
| Maybe the autobuilder is setup to use defconfig-2.6.24 instead?

I have no idea about FSO intention about the kernel or which config they
like to use.  defconfig-2.6.24 is nice because you can just update the
monolithic kernel and forget about modules for most cases, but the
defconfig-gta02 that makes more modules is best for packaging since it
gives the flexibility about gadget mode you want.

I would bring it up with them, maybe it's like it is right now because
nobody mentioned about different config possibility being useful.

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