FDOM (FAT and Dirty Openmoko) Distribution ready to download

Craig B. Allen cba at knodal.com
Wed Sep 10 19:22:21 CEST 2008

>> I would propose that instead of creating yet another distribut (tm)
>> you provide modified packages that can just be installed through OPKG
>> on Om2008.x
> Multiverse. So if some modification I make on FSOM goes upstream then
> next releases will catch his own modificati

To the extent that FDOM is a base system plus a select set of
packages, it should be possible to define a "task" package that would
consist of a bunch of dependencies on the desired set of packages.
Since you (David) also fixed some packages, if a separate script could
perform those fixes, then the "task-fdom" package followed by
downloading and executing the "fixup" script would presumably get you
to the same point.

Not a trivial task to do all of the above...

One thing missing is that you test with the versions you use; relying
on the current versions of packages from the repositories would likely
break some things.

-- Craig

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