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Thomas White taw27 at
Thu Sep 11 01:46:12 CEST 2008

SCarlson <scottrcarlson at> wrote:

>  Does anyone's resolv.conf get stomped on every time the machine is
> rebooted?  I have been adding my nameservers by hand.. Just wondering
> if there is a good reason for this?

I don't know about why it happens, but you can have the nameservers
added automatically by adding a couple of lines
to /etc/network/interfaces on your Neo.  Check the section "Configure
Default Neo DNS" in

> Also, Where should I go to force BASH as my default shell, and/or how
> do i get an ASH init script that loads everytime I open a terminal.
> (If I could do this, I'd just automate the resolv.conf stuffer.)

Take care if you change your default shell to Bash.  I tried this (by
editing /etc/passwd manually - of course the "right" way would be to use
chsh or usermod, but neither exists in OM 2008.8 as far as I can see),
and while it worked, it caused some problems when using SCP to transfer
files to and from the Neo.  Digging on the web suggested the problem
was due to Dropbear sshd not getting along with Bash.  I can describe
more details of the problem if anyone's interested...



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