Questions regarding shell/startup scripts

Sarton O'Brien roguemoko at
Thu Sep 11 03:31:20 CEST 2008

On Thursday 11 September 2008 08:48:24 SCarlson wrote:
>  Hey guys --
>  Does anyone's resolv.conf get stomped on every time the machine is
> rebooted?  I have been adding my nameservers by hand.. Just wondering if
> there is a good reason for this?

Embedded systems typically have resolv.conf in volatile memory, due to the 
value changing regularly, with /etc/resolv.conf symlinked.

udhcpc will use /var/run/resolv.conf. Unless you script something up to modify 
/var/run/resolv.conf, you may encounter problems when /etc/resolv.conf is not 

I currently only use my own scripts to invoke wpa/udhcpc, nothing special and 
all works fine with no modifications. At this point I don't see any benefit in 
modifying startup scripts unless the changes are also made upstream and won't 
break when someone actually cleans up dns resolving amongst apps and services.

Why static entries are being made in flash and why some apps aren't aware of a 
'typical' scheme is a bit beyond me. It's not hard to manually overwrite 
/var/run/resolv.conf by hand or scripted and you have the added benefit of not 
modifying the base system.


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