Motor oil eats through the finish on GTA02

Russell Sears sears at
Thu Sep 11 06:39:39 CEST 2008

I just mucked up the finish on my freerunner's case.  I'm not sure this 
is the right place to report it...

I'm writing in since OM might want to use a different type of paint in 
the future, or dye the underlying plastic black.  (Nokia played this 
trick with my old cell phone's case...)

I was changing my car's motor oil (full synthetic, if that matters...), 
and I went to answer my phone.  I wiped my hands off to prevent getting 
grease all over the phone, but they were still a bit oily.  Where my 
palm touched the hard plastic on the phone, it created white goo, which 
I inadvertantly rubbed onto the rubber part of the phone.

The good news is that the white goo (mostly) comes off the rubber, and 
that nothing happened to the screen.

However, it left some permanent marks on the case and rubber:


ps: The two big specks to the left of the mark are sand from my FR's 
~1-2 second dip into the ocean.  Sand has been stuck in the seam between 
the rubber and the plastic for a week or so, and is slowly working its 
way out.

The FR was in a pocket, which probably saved it.  The weakest point 
seems to be the crack between the screen and the plastic bezel (goo 
oozed out of it for a day or so...), in case anyone's interested.

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