distro nightmares ... can fdom help?

David Samblas dsamblasomcommunity at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 18:01:17 CEST 2008

Well a lot of information here I hope you or some one else
report/reported to the tracking list.
I will try to anser to the question  can FDOM help? 
El jue, 11-09-2008 a las 15:44 +0200, Franky Van Liedekerke escribió:
> Hi all,
> (to be fare: I compare with my 4 years old sony ericsson P900 phone,
> and that one wins without problems for now)
> (Warning: no ranting please, I'm just summing up all current bugs I
> encounter and hope to get some pointers for fixes)
> For the moment I seem to be unable to find a distro where the basics
> work without issues (and I flashed/upgraded/installed already a number
> of times):
> - booting time: 2/3 minutes for asu. I can accept this for a beta
> functioning device, but I hope this gets better in the future. Yes, I
> know the wiki page for this ... luckely I don't reboot py phone too
> often
No same as 2008.8-updates
> - receive calls: calls arrive double on qtopia distro (not asu, no no
> sim card issue here), so for each call I end up having a missed call
> entry as well. Very annoying.
> - speaker: qtopia emits a very loud tone when on speaker
> - echo: the asu distro doesn't have the echo fix yet
I don't know what asu version did you tried but I have no detected echo
problems on the 2008.8-updates, so FDOM has no echo 
> - choose a ringtone: ok, I can replace the wav file, but come on, no
> app available at all for asu?
No but If anyone develop one I will include it on FDOM as soon as
> - alarm: I use my cell phone for wake-up calls, but ASU isn't reliable
> to give me the alarm. The phone unsuspends on time, but the alarm
> doesn't sound, or an undetermined amount of minutes too late. This
> seems to be the only phone in the world with this problem...
I have readed (not tested yet) than the last 2008.8-updates has solve
this problem
> - prevent the copying of sim-card contacts to your phone (qtopia and
> asu). Ok, I can remove them from the sim, or change the sqlite db on
> te phone, but this is a basic setting on any phone.
> - remove all contacts from the phone (qtopia and asu). Again I can
> just clean up the sqlite db file here, but a simple sql script
> executed by a gui would be nice.
I was able to delete the contacts and messages directly from the apps on
the phone without the sim card, and no need to access the sqlite db.

> - mplayer: plays mp3 just fine, but qtopia or asu media players are
> unable to play back one mp3 fine without hickups or distortion
> (distortion can be fixed by editing the mp3 and decreasing the volume
> by 20dB). Is this gstreamer bogging down the phone or just bad mp3
> decoding?
I don't know, but I was thinking about do a basic frontend to mplayer
like the omview to replace the media player, a file filebrowser and a
basic control trough mouse gestures in the touch screen, but no find
time yet to get my hands dirty on this
> - wifi: why on earth isn't wifi taking the nameservers given by dhcp?
> Is it the resolvconf issue that needs fixing here? Even my old archos
> 430 did that just fine from the beginning. Now I needed the usb0
> connection working just to be able to get the wifi working, since no
> terminal app is installed by default on the phone. I did use the
> resolvconf wiki page to help me out here, but no dice for encrypted
> networks. Mofi maybe?
Both a terminal and Mofi are included on FDOM, but is courios, I have to
not to conect to usb before I want the wifi to make it work :) 
> - speed: asu reaction time is just too slow. Qtopia is reasonable
> here.
I have no feel any relevance diference here (I't true I have not tested
the last qtopia version, so no much criteria here) FSDOM will have the
same reaction as 2008.8-updates
> - bluetooth: no app on asu, and the qtopia-x11 bluetooth app doesn't
> do anything.
Remoko is tested an will be included in the next version of FSDOM it
works through bluethooth, so don't loos you hope yet :)
> I haven't even tried image viewing yet, or gps ... 
I'ts a pitty freerunnes has a great resolution on image, and on sunny
days gps works pretty well
> I would have thought to be able to iron out bugs and such, but I was
> expecting basic working functionality. For now I have my freerunner
> lying on my desk at home, doing nothing at all ...
Poor freerunner, surelly a lot of clean-soul good geeks but with no
resources will be happy to take care of this freerunner, make it
complile, or test new apps , or only taking a walk to help complete
OSM,or...(add here a trillion of things people are doing/want to do if
the had a neo)   
> Does the fdom version of ASU addresses some of the "plain" asu issues?
> Or any help solving some of these? I *really* want to show off my
> freerunner ...
Fat and Dirty Openmoko is nothing more than a 2008.8-update with apps
installed and some fixes maybe it can fit you needs or not only you can
anwer that question, try it and if you are happy/unhappy please let me
know, I will be glad if you can send me and exhaustive bug/improvements
list as you have done with other distributions.
> Franky
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