distro nightmares ... can fdom help?

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> Franky Van Liedekerke wrote:
> > I would have thought to be able to iron out bugs and such, but I was
> > expecting basic working functionality. For now I have my freerunner
> > lying on my desk at home, doing nothing at all ...
> >
> Same for me.   I can't bare to give up on it though.  It may not be a
> very useful phone, but I still like it as a device.
> I actually feel a bit guilty or disloyal saying that I'm disappointed,
> but the brutal truth is it doesn't make or receive calls as well as my
> first mobile many years ago.   I love the idea of an open source phone,
> and I'm amazed at the effort and creativity of those involved.  I think
> perhaps I was a little naive about how open source stuff gets done.
> That said, the process is fascinating too.  I love the emergent aspect
> of a group of passionate creative people.
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Once I loaded the Qtopia build (4.3.2 080808) I found it to have the minimum
amount of stability and functionality I need in a cell phone. I am able to
make/receive calls and text without hassle and have even been able to put
some music (.ogg) on the sdram and listen. I was lucky to purchase a couple
of extra batteries so on a couple of occasions where the battery went dead I
was able to switch it out and then later recharge the nearly dead battery
using one of the tricks picked up in this list.
I would heartily recommend the Qtopia build if you are not interested in
spending most of your time SSHing into the phone. In fact I ended up picking
up another one from someone who didn't have the time to develop and let me
buy it for a considerable discount so I can use one and develop on the


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