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I posted this before but here it is again.

I currently have mine working(OSX 10.5.x) and here is quick down and 
dirty process it took to complete.  I am sure there are many ways to 
make this successful. 

Power up FR and connect via USB 

Download the lastest AjZaurus USB Drivers and install them.( )  The 10.4 version will 
work with 10.5 

After install reboot laptop 

Enter "system preferences" -> "network" -> "select en2"(It should be 

Now configure the interface for IP and enter your 
router(GW) for your default on your laptop. 

Reboot laptop 

Now you should be able to connect via ssh from laptop to FR. 

Enter "system preferences" -> "share" and select "internet" option on 
the left side of the window.  It will then show in the window to the 
right the "en2" interface.  Place a check mark in the box and make sure 
there is a check mark in the "internet" box also. 

On the FR run the command "route" 

Scp /etc/resolv.conf from the laptop to /etc/resolv.conf of the FR. 

You now will be surfing through the laptop.  Keep in mind that you will 
need to scp /etc/resolv.conf each time after reboot of the FR unless you 
take some other measures. 

hope it helps

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