SIP on Debian

Michael Shiloh michael at
Fri Sep 12 19:34:39 CEST 2008

Peter Schwenke wrote:
> Michael Shiloh wrote:
>> Do you think the distortion was on the analog side e.g. volume settings, 
>> or delays on the network side?
> I tried again last night when I had a second person.  The distortion was
> not too bad.  Gaps and missing chunks but promising.
> But there was a long delay receiving the audio.  It might be networking
> or processing speed.
>> Were you using WiFi or Ethernet over USB?
> Wifi on both ends with WPA2 encryption.
> I'll will try it over Ethernet over USB and ethernet on the other end.
>> Were you speaking to yourself on the other computer, so not over the 
>> Internet?
> Yes, locally.
> I have tried and connected over the internet.  Wireless going out over a
> 512/512Kb ADSL line and connecting to  an actual Video Conferencing
> endpoint another ADSL line.  I have 2 ADSL lines.
> Doing the above with Ekiga *some* muffled distorted sounds go back and
> forth.  I receive the picture from the endpoint.  But that stops
> updating straight away.  Then sound stops.
> Limiting the call to audio only, I have had both SIP and H239 calls with
> Ekiga with the similar audio results.  Received audio clearly on the
> FreeRunner for a while.  Muffled distorted hardly going out.  But after
> a while  things don't well.  I've used Ekiga a fair bit but know it can
> get dodgy over that ADSL line.
> I have been able to initiate and receive calls calls using Linphone over
> the Internet using the above gear.  But I have not managed to get audio
> up and down.  I have also been unable to get audio up and down with my
> laptop with Linphone so that problem is not only with the Openmoko.  I
> have received the "no webcam image" from my laptop on the endpoint.
> All the routing from the firewall on the laptop/Freerunner end should be
> fine.  I have tried linphone with and without the firewall setting.
> At some point I'm going to try setting the endpoint and phone up
> together on the same local switch.  That will make it easier to work
> where the problems are.
> When I get (or build) a kernel with the uvcvideo driver I intend trying
>  a webcam in usb host mode on the Freerunner and see what happens.
>                                                        ...Peter


Thanks for the detailed report. I think this is something many of us 
will be trying.


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