happy with debian

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at gmx.net
Sun Sep 14 11:16:30 CEST 2008

I also really like debian on my fr. It's much more of a pda now than a
phone. :)

For your microsd card problem i would propose the 8gb micro-sd ultra
from sandisk which works great without having any problems at all. I
buyed it at amazon.de in germany for 28€ which isn't really expensive.
The fr couldn't handle the full speed of the ultra version (but also has
no problem with that), but is is very fast if you have to access the
sd-card from the pc. And it only costs ~8€ more than the normal version.

For xfce i would suggest you try the xfwm windowmanager instead of
matchbox. it gives you more freedom of your desktop.

For gps i only installed the gpsd and edited the gpsd.conf to set the
device to /dev/ttySAC1 and it works. I don't know for what reason i
should install fso-gpsd.


Katrin Tomanek wrote:
> Hi,
> I successfully installed debian on my FR. I was very happy to see that
> debian is easy to install and telephony works out of the box. 
> The only problem I had during installation: When I chose ext2 as the
> filesystem for the boot-partition (as preconfigured in the install-script)
> my FR wouldn't boot the kernel (although I am quite sure I made the correct
> entries in uboot). I assume the issue here was that the kernel doesn't have
> ext2-moduled compiled in so that it could boot from it (I think I saw a note
> on this somewhere in the wiki). However, when chosing fat instead of ext2
> for the boot partition everything went well.
> Then I installed XFCE. I was suprised how smooth it works and how well it is
> usable on FR's small display. So, debian on my FR is probably the best
> experience I had with my FR so far :-) Many thanks to the debian-FR team --
> great job!
> Still, I got two questions:
> * what about the GPS? I saw there's wiki entry saying I should install
> fso-gpsd and gpsd... but then, how to make the gps work? When I try to start
> gpsd with "/etc/init.d/gpsd start" it just says
> "Not starting GPS (Global Positioning System) daemon: gpsd."
> So, any hints whats going wrong here?
> * I realized I'll need a larger micro SD card :-) Is there a specific one
> you can recommend (should be available in Germany). I am thinking about a 8
> GB one...
> Katrin

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