Running a PyGTK application

Frédéric frederic.mantegazza at
Mon Sep 15 14:00:48 CEST 2008


I'm developping a little application to control a panoramic head:

This software uses PyGTK (python GTK bindings), as I mainly run it on a
Nokia Internet Tablet (770/N800/N810). It also works fine under linux,
and windows (only in simulation mode on windows, as I have troubles to
run bluetooth python libs and other low-level libs).

As Openmoko also provides GTK toolkit, I was wondering if it could
work... The question is: does PyGTK exists on Openmoko?

If it is the case, could someone give it a try to tell me if it works out
of the box, or if it needs some adjustments? The software can be
downloaded from here:

(use the 'Zip Archive' link at the bottom of the page).

You can use this dev. version, which is almost stable (just a little
feature to add before I release it as v1.0):

Do not hesitate to contact me, either here on in private (depending if
this can be discussed here).

Thanks for reading!


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