Openmoko phone manager.

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> Ilja,
>    Any documentation (usage, requirements, etc)?

I'm working on documentation (it's just I also need to work [for money] and
More or less descriptive documentation should be available at the and of

To run you basically install pySyck, wxPython and paramiko. Then checkout
sources, go to the <root>\om-manager and type "PYTHONPATH="." python
app/" (this is what performed by <root>\om-manager\run.bat).

Than after some seconds GUI pops out. You might need to configure ssh
connection settings and than program should be semi-usable.

I'd like to say again that I'm really sorry for the lack of docstrings. It's
just that I was having so much fun writing the code that I've complitely
forgot about them.

Basically this program is fancy interface to SSH client and dfu-util.

Btw, dfu-util is searched in <root>\om-manager\bin and then in all PATH
directories. (This to be checked for non-windows OS, might be buggy).
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