OpenMoko enthusiasts at FSCONS

Fredrik Wendt fredrik at
Mon Sep 15 21:06:45 CEST 2008


I'm one of the lucky people about to attend this years Free Software
Conference Scandinavia (FSCONS). It's held in Gothenburg, Sweden, and
spans from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th October.

I'm told that there will be talk about OpenMoko this year (last year Ole
Tang held an introduction to the project) but there will be rooms (and
open areas) available for spontaneous meetings or talks.

If you plan to visit FSCONS I suggest you join the (guest) mailing list
at or jump in on
irc:// and say hi.

Apologies if you consider this to be spam.

Thanks to the OpenMoko project for giving me lots of reasons to stay up
too late, too often - it's great fun to play with the FreeRunner. :)

/ Fredrik Wendt, a FSO user
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