Mockup or what else?

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Tue Sep 16 06:06:32 CEST 2008

> On Mon, 15 Sep 2008 20:13:39 +0200 Bumbl <bumbl3x3 at> babbled:
>> Are these mockups or where can I obtain this theme.
>> It looks amazingly good.
> i don't do mockups... :) they pollute! :) it's real. ignore the clock and its
> background - that's just a test app i wrote (called Ello). i'm in the middle of
> doing illume extensions to e17's nw default theme.

Woow! That's really amazing... Rasterman you're always the only who can 
make us dreaming even more.

Btw I didn't read before the bad news about leaving Openmoko [1]... This 
made me really so much sad. Reading your latest mail I figured that your 
relationship with Om was not going so well (didn't they leave you enough 
space of developing how and what you'd have liked?), but I really hoped 
that this wouldn't ever happen... :(

Now that enlightenment is so important for Openmoko, what will be our 
future? Since the main E developer isn't anymore part of Openmoko, its 
development won't be anymore Om-focussed; then Rasterman in the near 
future could be occupied in other things, so his interest for e-embedded 
could decrease and with it also the quality of the software that we'll use.

However there's another question to Openmoko: another important 
developer left openmoko; unfortunately he's not the first of the list.
Why this happens so often? In every message I've read about, it's always 
stated that there's no so much "openness" as it should be.
This won't to be a flame, but we all know how people like Rasterman are 
important for the project. I can't really understand how we can throw 
those opportunities away...


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