(OM2008.8-update) (audio/GSM) alsamixer names

haduong at centre-cired.fr haduong at centre-cired.fr
Tue Sep 16 08:53:59 CEST 2008

> I'd like to suggest different names for the Alsa controls, because quite
> frankly I cannot relate to the ones I see in alsamixer. But first I'd
> like to ask you guys if you feel the same need as me. Do you feel
> comfortable with the present alsa channel names, or would you like them
> to be clearer?

That would be a great deed. The present alsa channel names stink so much
that only the bravest of the brave dare to get close to that subsystem.
That goes a long way to explain why so far we still do not have the
automagical configuration we all would like. Even on my desktop box, by
the way, I had to rewire it to my stereo using the analog jack output
because I lost the configuration for the coax digital.


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