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On Tue, 16 Sep 2008 20:46:44 +0200 Bumbl <bumbl3x3 at> babbled:

> what's about that clock
> is this a widget or what is it
> it would be cool if had something like openmoko-today - bugs for fso / e 
> and illume

as i said above. the clock and its bg is just a test app i have. nothing more.
in fact the clock is just an edje object. e17 already can put arbitrary gadgets
on the "desktop" (the gadman module) and e17's own clock could just use this
edje theme design and be put there - as with gsm signal or wifi or the calendar
module... or anything else that already exists. but this module is not enabled
in 2008.08 or used and none of e17's gui is exposed for you to go add more
modules. (om didnt want any of e's config to be exposed other than via their
own python exposure).

if you use FSO ro FDOM you can use the wrench to get to e's modules config -
but it's not going to fit on the screen or be usable (as this was not a desired
for OM to have in ASU, so i didnt make any effort to make it able to be adapted
to the screen). i'll be fixing this up in future for FSO etc. just have other
things more important on my time right now.

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