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Dale Maggee antisol at
Wed Sep 17 16:23:07 CEST 2008

Minh Ha Duong wrote:
> Hi all,
> We all love Community Updates, but that's a huge endeavour for one person to 
> tackle. So let us try a little social experiment here: community written 
> community update. I just posted an outlined list of bullet points at:
> The plan is to leave it to everybody else to elaborate along the following 
> editorial guidelines:
> 1. Include everything that was hot on a mailing lists at some point since 
> launch.
> 2. Limit each point to three sentences and one link. 
> Yours truly.
> Minh, Volunteer wiki editor
> (Curious and impatient to see if it works.)

While I think that the page itself it good, I think that including a 
date in the page title is probably not a good Idea. Perhaps either a 
series of pages "Activity in <month> <Year>", or just one monolithic 
page "Activity Since Launch" would be a better way to go. For example, 
I've just announced NeoTool v1.1, but I did this on the 17th, which to 
me seems to make it inappropriate to add to a page titled "15th Sep 08"...


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