FSO on the compulab em x270 - initial success

rakshat hooja rakshat at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 17:19:05 CEST 2008

Rafael Campos has been working on getting the FSO image to work on the
Compulab em x270 development board and has had some initial success. He has
put up an update on his blog ( http://openblog.methril.net/ ). He feels that
"This gives us the opportunity to make the FSO-image for other machines that
om-gta01 or om-gta02. This is what i get, a (semi) working image for

Rafael would really appreciate feedback and also if anyone is able to
volunteer time/ technical support to this effort.

I personally am very excited by this as we have been evaluating the em x270
two of our future projects (mostly vapourware right now but one of them is a
low cost touchscreen based mobile computer with GSM for the Indian market
and the other is the IDA 2B1 mentioned on our website) anw would love to
have FSO or FSO on debian running in them.

Also I don't know Openmoko's take on this but I feel that just as it is
important for differnet software stacks to be running on OM hardware, it is
equally important for OM software like FSO and 2008.9 to run on other
hardware. The latter might not provide direct income to OM but it will lead
to improvement in the software and more community support.

Anyway please take a look  - http://openblog.methril.net/


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