2008.8 default dialer crash on # or *

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Thu Sep 18 02:29:20 CEST 2008

Natanael Arndt wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 17. September 2008 schrieb andres:
>> is this something happening to others?
>> if I dial a string that starts with # or * (such as those to access
>> phone carrier features)
>> the dialer crashes and goes puff,
> Yes I have the same problem. I need *100# and it just closes the dialer in 
> 2008.8.
> On 2007.2 the phone called a friend, when i diealed *100# :-S

That is because that call is considered as a Service request (USSD) also
if it isn't. The qtopia code is wrong in this (since it filters these
calls if they start or end with one of these chars).
See below...

Tomas Riveros Schober wrote:
> yes, im trying to access my voicemail inbox #123
> and the dialer goes poof.
> tried in both 2008.8 and qtopia so i think its related to qpe

Well, yes it's related to Qpe, but those are not the same issue, also if
they're related to the same part of code.

If a number starts with * or # and ends with # (to be short) then that
is an USSD call and it is actually badly supported by Qtopia.
I've made a patch for it [1] and as you can see it works [2] :P, but I
had no time yet to attach it to the trac (ehm, also because the other
patches I've made to qtopia haven't been neither reviewed :|).

However, in this case the dialer has the right to close itself since
after sending that request to the provider, the phone has only to wait
the reply of the carrier that will be shown in a dialog.

Anyway... Waiting for the patch, if someone of you would try my changes
(that includes USSD support for pre-paid cards and working {*,#}xxx
numbers), I could post somewhere the binary files to be tested.
Just let me know!


[1] http://3v1n0.net/openmoko/qtopia-x11-tangoized-dialer-USSD.png
[2] http://3v1n0.net/openmoko/qtopia-x11-tangoized-USSD-reply.png

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