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"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at 3v1n0.net
Thu Sep 18 05:23:40 CEST 2008

Al Johnson wrote:
>>>> however the problem is another: we miss the alsa
>>>> states needed to use the phone speaker as default output device and the
>>>> microphone as a capture device.
>>>> This night I've played a lot with this software but I wasn't able to use
>>>> it as a standard phone... :|
>>> The alsa state was relatively simple to set up - so much so that I don't
>>> think I saved it. There has been at least one state file for voip posted
>>> to the list though, and I think there is one in FSO milestone 3.
>> Well, yesterday was too late, but I didn't test the file (coming from om
>> packages) voip-handset.state.
>> I've tested it, but it simply set the volume of the main speaker to a
>> lower value; it doesn't route the audio output to the phone headset
>> speaker (the one we generally use to hear a call!).
>> Was you able to do so? If you did it, how?
> If that's all that's wrong with it then turn down the speaker (Control 
> 3: "Headphone Playback Volume") and turn up the earpiece (Control 4: "Speaker 
> Playback Volume")

Unfortunately it doesn't do the work. Also changing these values I keep
hearing the called voice from the main speaker and not from the
earpiece. This is so bad! :(

>> I've not found any other working state file.
> Doesn't look like I've got it saved anywhere. I'll try to make another one but 
> it might take a few days to get everything in place.

Ok, cool... If you need my packages/sources/diffs I could upload them
somewhere. Just ask!

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