[2008.08] Boot problems with SIM card in

Arigead captain.deadly at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 08:45:46 CEST 2008

#uname -a

Linux om-gta02 2.6.24 #1 PREEMPT Wed Sep 3 19:01:18 CST 2008 armv4tl unknown

#cat /etc/om-version

Tag Name:
VERSION: c4a208ae4114f14224a5fa37e55a8b2a51fbd5ba
Branch: org.openmoko.asu.stable
Build Host: barbie
Time Stamp: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 08:22:26 +0800

Maybe that's an old version and I should do an update but my question is 
not really version specific.

I was using the above version of SW and was happy with it until last 
night when it locked up. It was running at the time with my SIM card in 
it and seemed happy. I had only the contacts application running and the 
phone was suspended. I brought the phone out of suspension, with the 
power button and selected the running Contacts app from the drop down 
list. Phone locked up and had to have it's battery removed to get it 
back to a good state. After that the phone would not boot with the SIM 
card in the phone. Booted fine without a SIM.

The above information is useless to anybody and given the lockup it's 
hard to get any sort of trace out of the phone. All I can say is that it 
locks up after trying to start the X Server. Is there anything I can get 
out of such a phone. I'll now reflash latest code but I'm curious is 
there any way of getting useful debug out of a situation like that. Are 
all log files cleared on a reboot?

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