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Iker Berasaluce megamorsa at
Thu Sep 18 09:51:58 CEST 2008

> I have some similar problems with a Vodafone SIM.I tested a Yoigo, and
> a Movistar too and they work correctly.

How old were the SIMs? I my case I realized that newest SIMs (more or
less a month old) doesn't work while the elders work perfectly.

> Another issue in with the SIMs is that the Yoigo SIM works with
> Vodafone network (this is normal, because Yoigo paid to use the
> Vodafone GSM networks, but i don't know if it has to put the operator
> network or the company network). And after testing the Vodafone SIM in
> the Frerunner, i test it in another phone and the displayed operator
> is Yoigo, not Vodafone, until i force the use o Vodafone network, and
> looks like it's connected to a Vodafone network. It's possible that
> the phone modify the operator name or something like that?
> Any clue where to look for to solve this bug?
> Best Regards
> On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 8:31 AM, Iker Berasaluce <megamorsa at> wrote:
>> I have the same problem with my SIM card from Movistar (Spanish)
>> bought less than a month ago. I tried with other SIMs from the same
>> and other companies, including Vodafone, (the youngest was bought on
>> March 08) and all of them work fine. I tried to buy a elder SIM but it
>> seems they've changed the SIM card type (smallest chip, I don't know
>> well the details although I'm researching it).
>> Anyway, I don't think is the same problem, because your SIM worked
>> with Om 2007, mine work neither with 2007 nor 2008 nor Qtopia,
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