Phone java apps on fr?

Robert Schuster theBohemian at
Thu Sep 18 14:37:12 CEST 2008

for some blogposts by me that deal with the Java situation on OpenMoko
have a look at this:

(With a little luck this will soon be available through

Petr Vanek schrieb:
> how can i run java applications from other mobile phones on fr? Is it
> what is called JavaME? Is this available for fr? I have looked at
> jalimo and around but no clarity for me...
What you usually want to run is a MIDlet or MIDP application. For this
you can either use the microemulator or MIDPath on top of either
Cacao+GNU Classpath or PhoneME Advanced.

You can install midpath for OpenMoko through the Jalimo repository. All
of this is in OE. So it could be added to the official feeds as well.

Running MIDPath on PhoneME Advanced (PMEA for short) is currently not
possible due to a bug in the MIDPath version in OE. I hope I can
convince Guillaume to release another RC soon so that I can base the
recipes in OE on it.

For the user PMEA would have the advantage that it is tried and tested
Sun code and additionally really fast. It is also compatible to SWT and
can as such run application that are compatible to J2SE 1.3.


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