Phone java apps on fr?

David Samblas dsamblasomcommunity at
Thu Sep 18 16:19:01 CEST 2008

Good news :) a step closer to say "neo is full compatible with you
favorite java games and apps :)" I know all c/python/elf/gtk even qt
lovers will be groaning  like Gollum in Saurons fortress but marketing
is cruel some times and the avobe sentence can make Openmoko sell more
neos :) 
El jue, 18-09-2008 a las 14:37 +0200, Robert Schuster escribió:
> Hi,
> for some blogposts by me that deal with the Java situation on OpenMoko
> have a look at this:
> (With a little luck this will soon be available through
> Petr Vanek schrieb:
> > how can i run java applications from other mobile phones on fr? Is it
> > what is called JavaME? Is this available for fr? I have looked at
> > jalimo and around but no clarity for me...
> What you usually want to run is a MIDlet or MIDP application. For this
> you can either use the microemulator or MIDPath on top of either
> Cacao+GNU Classpath or PhoneME Advanced.
> You can install midpath for OpenMoko through the Jalimo repository. All
> of this is in OE. So it could be added to the official feeds as well.
> Running MIDPath on PhoneME Advanced (PMEA for short) is currently not
> possible due to a bug in the MIDPath version in OE. I hope I can
> convince Guillaume to release another RC soon so that I can base the
> recipes in OE on it.
> For the user PMEA would have the advantage that it is tried and tested
> Sun code and additionally really fast. It is also compatible to SWT and
> can as such run application that are compatible to J2SE 1.3.
> Regards
> Robert
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