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Hi again,

Sorry for my late answer but I havent had time to answer you before now.

Yes the cable does fit in to the GTA02 and the Debug Board and the "Reset"
button on the Debug Board does reset the GTA02 (it does a hard restart of
the device or something?) but it still does not work. :(

The openocd.conf that I use is the one from

libftdi is version 0.13
openocd is r130 (from svn)


On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 9:06 PM, Michael Shiloh <michael at>wrote:

> andi wrote:
> > Lynn Nguyen wrote:
> >> Does the cable fit completely into your neo? Because my cable doesn't
> >> go straight in. Is there a technique to make it fit? Did you have any
> >> problems making it fit? Because I think my problem is that my cable
> >> doesn't go all the way in.
> >>
> > When you look at the contacts on the cable, you can see that there are
> > two rows, so you have to plug the cable pretty deep into the connector.
> > (I think I had only the first row in at the beginning...)  On the
> > connector you can see how far you have to push the cable into the
> > connector.
> > There is no special technique. Just push it in.
> >
> > andi
> What I am seeing on a couple of connectors and phones is that the cable
> is a bit wider than the opening in the connector. Yes, I know that it
> has always been a tight fit, but I wonder if it has gotten worse, as I
> can't get the cable in at all now.
> Michael
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