Idea for Openmoko application: Tide updates

Crane, Matthew mcrane03 at
Thu Sep 18 16:51:43 CEST 2008

It would be a pretty straight forward project to make a ez-usb key with a magnetometer and pressure sensor.  

But maybe it's easier to flywire inside case as I think these chips would be pretty tiny. 

Of course, it would be super cool to productize a ez-usb project and make it a full sensor add on kit, with gyro, temp, 3d magnetometer, and air pressure.  Make a package that fits flush with the moko frame. 

Air pressure sensor:

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On 18/09/2008, at 01:56, Adam Bogacki wrote:
> I like the concept and would like to volunteer to test a prototype in
> New Zealand conditions.

For sure Adam.

Like Michael said, we should start something in the wiki.

I was looking for something similar and found this:

This is what Im looking for, at least as a water proof case.

Is this possible to use the actual GTA_02 hardware version to do:
- Compass ?
- Altimeter ?

How should be the best way to have this information on the phone?  
Using an external hardware module?


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