SD corruption(no suspend and sd_max_clk tested)

GNUtoo at GNUtoo at
Thu Sep 18 21:02:08 CEST 2008

I've bought a MMBGR04GUACY-NA and its adapter...
but the card produce I/O errors in dmesg...
I was using the kernel from FSO milestone 3
if I remember well it does the same with 2008.8

I've tried lowering sd_max_clk to the 10000000
I've tried increasing the drive strength to 3

I'd really like to try debian...and for this I would need a huge sd-card

What i've done to detect it:
*boot it using the flashed FSO milestone 3 kernel and the 2008.8 userland
*install debian
when I installed debian it stoped with I/O errors
so I changed some sd settings and i restarted installing debian without
rebooting...and it made others I/O errors

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