VoIP on Freerunner working properly (using linphone and SIP)

Brian Code Brian.Code at koolu.com
Fri Sep 19 00:28:04 CEST 2008


After reading through many postings and becoming increasingly  
frustrated, I buckled down and found a way to get the command line  
linphone working on OE based distros (tested on Qtopia, but should  
work on 200x.x and others). Ideally this could be interfaced with the  
dialer somehow.

Initial testing of this had the audio routed properly through the  
earpiece and good audio from the microphone. There was some echo on  
the non-Freerunner side, and on initial connection, a bit of a beeping  
sound. Otherwise, it's a go. Linphone uses only about 10-12% CPU (was  
using a PCM codec). Sound was decent to a cell phone in Canada using a  
Wifi connected Freerunner based in Costa Rica.

Here is a quick and dirty how-to. Enhancements can be made to both the  
voip-handset.state and asound.conf files (these were my initial  
working scripts). Thanks to Celtune for the excellent repository that  
is used below.

Brian Code

echo "src/gz celtune http://rabenfrost.net/celtune/ipk/armv4t" >/etc/ 
opkg update
opkg install libmediastreamer0
opkg -nodeps install linphone
opkg -nodeps install liblinphone2 linphonec linphone-rings
opkg install libexosip2

cd /etc/
wget http://www.koolu.org/asound.conf
wget http://www.koolu.org/voip-handset.state

alsactl -f voip-handset.state restore (This step required to set  
proper audio parameters).

soundcard use 0
proxy add
Enter proxy sip address: sip:sip.provider.com
Your identity for this proxy: sip:xxxxxxxxxx at sip.provider.com
Do you want to register on this proxy (yes/no): yes
Specify register expiration time in seconds (default is 600):
Expiration: 600 seconds or so

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