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Fri Sep 19 17:55:07 CEST 2008

Hi All,
I am Ajay Kumar, 25 year old, Software Engineering student currently in my
final year, and a Sahana Developer.
Post GSoC 2008, I am working on a separate project where my main motive is
to use the Openmoko phone, FreeRunner as an effective disaster reporting
tool and data communication with a client application.

Primarily, I will need to use the following features of the phone and make
them available to my application.
1. GPS
2. WiFI
3. Touch Input

Also at a further stage, I will need to use the SMS, GPRS features too.

A detailed proposal which I have written is available here for those who are

But since the project is something new, I will be basing my development so
has to have something that "just works" and then iterating it over time.

My primary reasons of choosing the Openmoko phone is:
1. FOSS - matches with the Sahana ideology.
2. Larger & active developer community - it has its own benefit in terms of
contributions to maintain the project in future.

For your reference, my academic project duration is:
1. Mid term - End of Research & Analysis Phase: October 27 2008.
2. Final deadline & Presentation: Mid April 2009.

My proposal @ college has been approved last week and I am working ahead on
this project.

I will be posting updates and research outcomes as I progress.

Since I am new to Openmoko development, your suggestions and advise on how
to get started would be really appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Ajay Kumar

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