SD corruption(no suspend and sd_max_clk tested)

GNUtoo at GNUtoo at
Fri Sep 19 19:51:18 CEST 2008

> Sorry, what's broken with Wifi in later kernels?
no not the later kenrel...I was told that the kernel from om2008.8
couldn't make wifi work...and i tried without success so I updated kenrel
> This looks like your /lib/modules doesn't match your kernel?
yes it doesn't i didn't bother updating it as everything I need is
compiled in there kernel...
> These above are likely OK, it looks like the userspace action was to try
> to mount mmcblk0p2 as FAT on the off-chance.
> | Sep 19 17:31:24 om-gta02 kernel: glamo-mci glamo-mci.0: Error
> | after cmd: 0x310
> | Sep 19 17:31:24 om-gta02 user.err kernel: mmcblk0: error -110 sending
> | read/write command
> That's where insanity sets in 5 minutes later.
Mabe it's the debian installer that is responsible...i am testing it
without the debian installer copying files:
/dev/mmcblk0p2            3.8G      1.2G      2.4G  33% /media/mmcblk0p2
actually it's doing dd if=/dev/urandom of=./random

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