[ASU 2008.9] Is it required to reflash, or opkg update & upgrade is enough?

William Lai will at openmoko.com
Sat Sep 20 07:38:10 CEST 2008

Alasal wrote:
> I think (by looking at the bugs that are fixed and aren't fixed) that the
> om2008.9 is the same as om2008.8 updated between 16 september and 18
> september. Because on 18 september there were updates for the om2008.8 that
> aren't included by default in 2008.9. But the updates are also available for
> the 2008.9. So If you install om2008.9 you can directly update it.
> So this review is valid for the om2008.9:
> http://onlinedev.blogspot.com/2008/09/openmoko-om20088-status-review_16.html
> And if you update your om2008.9, this review is valid:
> http://onlinedev.blogspot.com/2008/09/openmoko-om20088-status-review_18.html
> Bottom line: 
> - an updated 2008.8 is the same as an updated 2008.9 
> - an 2008.8 updated on 17 September is the same an an 2008.9

Yes.  This is all correct.
Those with 2008.8-update will already be ahead of 2008.9.  It's the name 
that throws people off.  We're looking to change to 2008-update or 
2008-stable.  Please stay tuned.


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