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Nishit Dave wrote:
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>     I fail to see the purpose of this argument. With the right level
>     of enthusiasm, a little configuration and remembering to plug it
>     in when you're not there to manually suspend it, the phone works
>     as a phone with 2008.8 just fine. I use mine every day and since
>     receiving it have not turned on my old phone, not even once!
> More power to you!
>     Before I get flamed though I will state I am an avid Linux user. I
>     am comfortable with command line or GUI, and actually tend to
>     prefer the CLI. For those who are very new to Linux or are still
>     scared of the command line might I suggest studying and becoming
>     comfortable with CLI first for now since, until the software has
>     been stabilized further, these complains will continue to exist.
> I will wait avidly for the day, but I don't think I should be holding 
> my breath.  In the mean time, I hope the people at OM get their hands 
> on a proper Linux phone, so they can see how really usable and 
> bug-free it can be.
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I'd like to see one that isn't based heavily on Java other than 
openmoko. I had been waiting for this phone for 3 years because it just 
happened to be my forte. I know it's current usage as a phone can be 
daunting or limited but from the advancements I've seen just since I've 
started watching the community I can't wait to see what happens before 
the year is even over.

Usability has improved, according to what I've read before I purchased 
my FR, by leaps and bounds in the past 6 months, I wait to see what the 
next 6 months hold. Also the OpenMoko software is going to change by 
leaps and bounds when FSO becomes stabilized. Software will have a base 
platform from which to build upon. It will be up to the developer to 
choose a front end and a language but the calls will all go to dbus.

I do agree, the people who run that vendor's site SHOULD state it is 
still a developer centric release as of right now but there's nothing 
that will change what has already happened.

If you're not impressed then please submit bug reports, feature 
requests, etc to the mailing lists, bug tracker or even the IRC chat. If 
there's one thing I have learned since joining the OpenMoko community, 
it is that people love to help in any way they can. I have worked with 
two developers so far to work on making a gui for flashing or managing 
your openmoko. I haven't contributed much code if any but I was just 
happy to help. Isn't that the point of open source and free software, 
/to share the knowledge you have with someone who has knowledge you 
might not/?

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