[ASU 2008.9] Is it required to reflash, or opkg update & upgrade is enough?

Minh Ha Duong haduong at centre-cired.fr
Sat Sep 20 16:06:35 CEST 2008

>> Yes.  This is all correct.
>> Those with 2008.8-update will already be ahead of 2008.9.  It's the name 
>> that throws people off.  We're looking to change to 2008-update or 
>> 2008-stable.  Please stay tuned.
> Will
> Also stable isn't that good, because people will think
>it is stable, while it is far from stable. (I would call om2008.9 usable).
>Maybe change it into 'Omd' (=Openmoko Distribution) and call point releases
>Omd 2008.9.

I would like to second this point. Please don't call anything stable.

  In Debian world, stable means that 1/ It won't crash, 2/ You are free from 
worrying  about OS reinstallation or upgrades for a long time and 3/ Updating 
is a BAD thing. With ASU we only have 1/

 Moreover, the "stable" word is already preempted. To be technically 
precise, ".stable" is the name of a familly of subbranches in the git. For 
the rest of the list subscriber's:

Patches land in   org.openmoko.$(release_name).dev,
go through         org.openmoko.$(release_name).testing, and
finally reach       org.openmoko.$(release_name).stable
from where packages are made

 Reusing that word for anything else than a subbranch tag is confusing. And 
everybody is confused enough, as you rightly noticed. Please empathize with 
the pain of the documentation team. Without clear names we can't make clear 
explanations. Leave "stable" out.

Minh HA DUONG, Chargé de Recherche, CNRS
CIRED, Centre International de Recherches sur l'Environnement et le 

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