SDL and status of 3d Acceleration?

Al Johnson openmoko at
Sat Sep 20 19:06:41 CEST 2008

On Saturday 20 September 2008, Per Jonsson wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a new owner of the FR and want to start exploring the possibilities
> of this little beauty.
> So here is my first two questions:
> I have tried to find information about the 3D functionality and if I
> understand it correct the Glamo chip have no real 3d drivers for the FR
> and because of some nda or something? So what is the status of the
> possibility to use hw accelerated 3d? Is it used in DukeNukem 3D for
> example?

You understand correctly - currently there is no 3D acceleration in the Glamo 
drivers. The documentation is under NDA so only Openmoko staff can write the 
driver, and there are more important things for them to work on. duke3d is 
just 2d, same as always.

> And then we have the SDL libs is there an official SDL port/release or
> how do I do to get started with SDL on the FR? And if the 3d accelerator
> is working (above) is it possible to use the SDL opengl features?

SDL should be in the repositories:

opkg list |grep -i sdl

2007.2 images included SDL-based games, sou you could start by having a look 
at those. I've never done anything with SDL conI can't really say much more.

> Regards Perty
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