Calendar program and sync it with my mac?

Yogiz yogizz at
Sat Sep 20 19:13:54 CEST 2008

On Sat, 20 Sep 2008 18:16:08 +0200
Ole Holm Frandsen <froksen at> wrote:

> Hey there everyone
> I was wondering if there was a good and functionable calendar
> program for the Neo Freerunner? What I need is basicly a calendar
> program where I can see appointments, get notifications and so on -
> ofcource it would be nice, with a good overview of once appointments
> and so on. Even more, it would be nice if I - somehow - can sync
> these calendar entries with iCal on my Macbook Pro?
> Kindly regards
> Ole Holm Frandsen alias Froksen

It doesn't fulfill all your requirements but try openmoko-dates. I'm
actually pretty impressed with the calendar part although it sometimes
plays tricks on me. No todos however and it doesn't seem to support
exceptions to recurring events and doesn't let them to be individually
changed while keeping the rest of recurs intact. It has a solid
interface however and it's quite usable at this stage. It also uses ics
files for the events so these could be quite easily imported to your
mac. Oh, I haven't find a way to set notifications eighter. Well, long
story short, just try it.

opkg install openmoko-dates


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