Calendar program and sync it with my mac?

Ole Holm Frandsen froksen at
Sat Sep 20 19:24:28 CEST 2008

Den 20/09/2008 kl. 19.13 skrev Yogiz:

> On Sat, 20 Sep 2008 18:16:08 +0200
> Ole Holm Frandsen <froksen at> wrote:
>> Hey there everyone
>> I was wondering if there was a good and functionable calendar
>> program for the Neo Freerunner? What I need is basicly a calendar
>> program where I can see appointments, get notifications and so on -
>> ofcource it would be nice, with a good overview of once appointments
>> and so on. Even more, it would be nice if I - somehow - can sync
>> these calendar entries with iCal on my Macbook Pro?
>> Kindly regards
>> Ole Holm Frandsen alias Froksen
> It doesn't fulfill all your requirements but try openmoko-dates. I'm
> actually pretty impressed with the calendar part although it sometimes
> plays tricks on me. No todos however and it doesn't seem to support
> exceptions to recurring events and doesn't let them to be individually
> changed while keeping the rest of recurs intact. It has a solid
> interface however and it's quite usable at this stage. It also uses  
> ics
> files for the events so these could be quite easily imported to your
> mac. Oh, I haven't find a way to set notifications eighter. Well, long
> story short, just try it.
> opkg install openmoko-dates
> Yogiz
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Thanks for the answer Yogiz, i´ll look into it. I do not yet have my  
Freerunner, so I have just been looking at some screenshots of the  
program and it looks very much like the ting I was looking for -  
although of cource the sync with my mac is still lacking, but hey,  
thats not the freerunners/programs fault and lets hope this feature  
will be possible in the future. So thanks again.


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