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Sat Sep 20 21:53:27 CEST 2008

Rod Whitby ha scritto:
> Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
>> Holger Freyther wrote:
>>> Source? Patch? GPL?
>> You're right. Completely. I generally never release binaries without
>> diffs, but the patch I've with me is so bad and I'm so busy with my
>> personal tasks that I had no time to upload anything in the last days.
> With GPL stuff, I always find it's best to upload the source code *first*.

Yes, you're right. That's what I always do, as said.

> The GPL applies to hobbyists just as much as it applies to big
> corporations.  The hobbyists often cry loud when big corporations delay
> the release of source code - please don't give those same corporations
> ammunition to say "well, the community doesn't release source
> immediately, so why should we".

Yes, you're right. But I've done this just once mainly for testing
purposes and after a request coming from some users.

> Either upload the source, or remove the binary.  It's as simple as that.

Ok, binary removed... That has been important for testing, BTW.
Sorry for not putting any source out yet, but my time is really full of
things :(.
And please, don't give me the role of the "bad guy" against (or
snubbing) GPL  because you'd be really wrong.

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